End of the Spear

5 02 2006

When was the last time you went to a movie where people clapped when it was over? I watched End of the Spear this weekend, and it was a great movie. (Obviously many of the others in the theater thought it was great, too.) It was a powerful story, which really moved me and made me think. These missionaries gave up their lives to preach the Gospel to the most violent group of people ever documented, the Waodani. And then their wives gave up their normal lives to continue the work. It’s such a great example of love, bravery, and faith. And it’s a true story. Life magazine photographer Cornell Capa categorized what happened to these men as “the most remarkable missionary story of the century.”

Also, the movie is clean. The only questionable material in it is that it is violent at times, and that the tribe people don’t wear much clothing. But I didn’t think either was done in a vulgar or crude way. If we’ll support these good, clean movies, then perhaps Hollywood will realize you don’t have to put immoral stuff into a movie for it to be profitable. (It’s obvious Hollywood doesn’t want to be preached to, but we do have influence with our money.)

The movie opens your eyes to how some of the “uncivilized” people of our world live. (I don’t like the term “uncivilized”, but some would consider them that way because they don’t have the technology and luxuries that most of us have.) They have a simple way of life, and they don’t realize the problems with killing people. (I think we in America also have a problem realizing the value of life, like with those affected by natural disasters, the homeless, the unwanted, those in “undeveloped” countries, and aborted babies.) The movie shows why the Waodani people feel this way, then how they grow in love.

Be sure to keep watching through the first few credits, because there’s a video clip from a related movie / documentary about this same story. It has two of the real people involved in the original story, and it also shows what one of the tribesmen thought about America when he came to visit (and it will make you think, too).

I do wish the movie had explained more about the initial missionaries — their faith and why they had such a burden to reach these people. You can learn more about them at this site. That page also has some videos with actual footage of the missionaries and some interviews with relatives and friends.

The official movie website is http://www.endofthespear.com/. The book documenting this story is called Through Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliot, and the documentary video is called Beyond the Gates of Splendor.




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8 07 2006
Great content, bad actors

Although the end of the spear is a movie with a great message. It lost some of it’s power when I learned that Chad Allen would be playing the lead role. In case you didn’t know Chad Allen is a praticing homosexual and a major gay rights activist. Why use someone in an obvious sinful life style, to portray a christian missonary? Hopefully the message of the movie planted a seed in his heart that the Lord can use to convict him of his lifestyle choice.

12 12 2006

Here’s a quote about the Waodani that might make you think :

The Waodani, to a great extent, are very much like us. They are independent, autonomous, self-reliant, brave — all those values that Americans hold dear, the Waodani represent in the most extreme forms. … There’s a cautionary tale: If you carry this constellation of American values to its ultimate extreme, what you get is Waodani. ~ Clayton Robarchek, in Beyond the Gates of Splendor

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