An important mindset to have for maturing

2 03 2006

Do you want to grow and mature in your personality, wisdom, and spirit?  This is an important mindset to maintain, and it’s very difficult for most of us.  Let me start with the quote that inspired this thought :

Do you so love the truth and the right that you welcome, or at least submit willingly to, the idea of an exposure of what in you is yet unknown to yourself — an exposure that may redound to the glory of the truth by making you ashamed and humbled? ~ George MacDonald

In other words, are you willing to admit when you’re wrong?  Or that you don’t fully understand something yet?  Often our pride makes this difficult.  It may seem easier at this point in time, when you’re by yourself; but what about when a friend tells you the truth and you realize you aren’t correct?  Often our “natural defenses” kick in and try to protect us from embarrassment.  It’s difficult for most of us to be humble.  But it is crucial if we are to grow and mature.

Why does it have to be so difficult to be humble and admit when we’re wrong?  If we’re honest, we’ll admit we don’t know everything, and thus there will be truths that force us to confront what we currently think.  We need to be honest with ourself and with others.  We cannot have unhindered fellowship with friends or with God if we are dishonest with ourself or with them.  Make it a point to be true to yourself, to acknowledge when you are wrong and when you are ignorant.  It builds character when you’re honest and true to yourself and those around you.  And you’ll grow, because you’re willing to change…




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