Worldview Weekend

8 03 2006

This past weekend I attended a conference called Worldview Weekend, and it was very interesting. I highly encourage anyone seeking for truth to go to one of these. They covered a number of topics that our public schools and the media usually ignore.

I know some groups are really against events like this, putting them into the “far-right” category, calling them extremists. I can’t speak for every conference (especially because they may feature different speakers), and I’m still researching if everything said was accurate, but I will say they explored a side of our country’s culture that you don’t hear much anymore. They also believe the Bible is relevant for all aspects of life, and I agree with that. Christianity is not intended to be just a Sunday activity or something you hide in public… it’s a lifestyle. But that’s difficult for a lot of people to believe these days because so many people have compartmentalized their faith.

A couple of things the conference got me to thinking more about…

Some special-interest groups are trying to rewrite our country’s history and heritage, and, sadly, they’re doing pretty well at it. It’s one thing to disagree with what our Founding Fathers believed and stood for, but it’s wrong to make up lies to change the past (as perceived by the next generation). Our government in the U.S. is based on written documents, and we can’t just hide them because a few people don’t like them. That goes against the concept of a republic / democracy. For example, a public school in California banned certain historical documents because they mentioned God (see article). But these aren’t just any historical documents… look at some of them : excerpts from the Declaration of Independence, George Washington’s journal, John Adams’ diary, Samuel Adams’ “The Rights of the Colonists,” and William Penn’s “The Frame of Government of Pennsylvania.” Should this be happening? Can students in school not read the Declaration of Independence?!? This is crazy.

Also, a current trend is that public schools are not allowed to even mention Intelligent Design as a possible alternative to Evolution. Are teachers even allowed to say that (vertical) Evolution has never been proven? (I’ll write more on that in the near future.)




3 responses

12 03 2006
Ramblin' Stew

I demand more writings on evolution and the like! Inundate me with filosofia mi amigo!

7 04 2006

Don’t listen to Ramblin’ Stew – we all know he’s a left-wing extremist livin’ in a right-wing world… 😉

Seriously, good write-up. Very good observations, and more people than you think notice this very same thing and get angry. The question is – why isn’t more done about it? I am sure that a majority of Americans would 100% (or very closely) agree with this article, but yet these sad things keep happening in our culture…

6 11 2006
Beppo’s Blog » Blog Archive » why I vote even though I dislike politics

[…] So even though I still dislike many parts of politics and I think there has to be a better way, I still want to do what I can to take a stand for what’s right.  So I’m writing about politics, and I vote.  I think the United States of America has a great heritage, and it’s worth fighting for.  We really are in a “culture war”, and if we don’t fight for what is right, we may lose it.  Our founding fathers knew what they were doing when they established this country, yet some people are trying to erase their ideas from our history.  (There are already certain documents from the early history of our country that are now banned in some public schools.  Did you know that?) […]

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