Fact, Fable, and Darwin

13 03 2006

An excerpt from an article called Fact, Fable, and Darwin; by sociologist Rodney Stark :

I write as neither a creationist nor a Darwinist, but as one who knows what is probably the most disreputable scientific secret of the past century: There is no plausible scientific theory of the origin of species! Darwin himself was not sure he had produced one, and for many decades every competent evolutionary biologist has known that he did not. Although the experts have kept quiet when true believers have sworn in court and before legislative bodies that Darwin’s theory is proven beyond any possible doubt, that’s not what reputable biologists, including committed Darwinians, have been saying to one another.

Without question, Charles Darwin would be among the most prominent biologists in history even if he hadn’t written The Origin of Species in 1859. But he would not have been deified in the campaign to “enlighten” humanity. The battle over evolution is not an example of how heroic scientists have withstood the relentless persecution of religious fanatics. Rather, from the very start it primarily has been an attack on religion by militant atheists who wrap themselves in the mantle of science.

The article continues with showing how many famous Darwinists suppress the doubts of evolution and that they attempt to “bulldog” others into believing it is the only logical explanation of life. Richard Dawkins has claimed that people who don’t believe in evolution are “ignorant, stupid, or insane”. Tough words! Many Darwinists have at some point admitted there is a lack of evidence and there are serious doubts about it, yet it is nonetheless preached as scientific fact. As Rodney Stark says in the article, “This is not how science is conducted; it is how ideological crusades are run.”

Darwin couldn’t explain the origin of species, so he suggested it was “gradualism in nature”, where animals change gradually (hence why evolutionists suggest the earth is millions of years old, when there is no proof of that). Darwin expected to find proof of gradualism when more fossils were discovered. Since then, an enormous amount of fossils have been found, but there’s still no proof (so really it further disproves his assumption).

According to mathematics, the odds of creating even the simplest organism at random is one in ten to the 40,000th power. (And consider that all atoms in the known universe are estimated to number no more than ten to the 80th power.) And if those numbers don’t amaze you, let’s put them in context : if the odds of something happening are 1 in a thousand, that’s a 0.1% chance; now add about 40,000 zeros between the decimal and the 1 and think of how big that number would be, and how many pages it would take just to display it.

The initial explanation of evolution by Darwin was actually embraced at least partially by most Christians, because it explained some things (like variation within species). But then some people decided to use evolution to “destroy religion”. These people (like Thomas Huxley) adopted evolution to “prove” that God had nothing to do with the earth forming. Huxley even encouraged lies about a debate between him and Bishop Samuel Wilberforce; these lies have been pushed by many Darwinists over the years, yet the Bishop had debated Darwin’s work so well that Darwin made modifications in a later revision based on it.

There’s a lot more in the article than what I’ve mentioned here, so I encourage you to read it. For too long it’s been taught that evolution is the only explanation for this world and that we evolved from some pond scum. Judges have even ruled it illegal to teach intelligent design as an alternative to evolution in public schools. It amazes me that evolution is taught as scientific fact when there is no proof and it cannot be proven using the scientific method or any method… It’s just another way our society is trying to remove God from everything.

Here’s the link : Fact, Fable, and Darwin.




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