cyberathletes earning a living playing video games

20 03 2006

There is a now a dedicated eSports home, which is dedicated to computer gaming. The house cost about $250,000, is located in Sweden, and was paid for by Via Technologies, a global supplier of high-end computer hardware. And the residents of the house are an all-female international online gaming team, which is making headlines after one member became the first woman to enter the GGL World Rankings of gamers, at 96th. Here’s the article about it.

I think that concept needs to be applied around here… I would volunteer to participate. 🙂 I don’t do as much gaming as I used to, because of ministry & marriage, but if my job was being a gamer, that would be a different story… How many guys haven’t dreamed of getting paid to play video games? Where do I sign up? 🙂

Also mentioned in the article is the Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL). The founder argues that the members are athletes. (That is obviously debatable.) But lest you think this is just a few nerds getting together to play games, the league gave out over $1 million in prizes on its 2005 world tour. (FYI, gaming leagues which pay big bucks are more popular in other countries, and will probably grow more in America. For example, in Korea there are at least 8 TV channels that broadcast gaming tournaments.) And it definitely takes a lot of skill to compete in these tournaments. I’d venture to say it takes considerably more talent and training than many of what we consider “normal jobs”…




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21 04 2006

The other day on cable I saw a TV show where gamers playing Madden football worked their way through a bracket to win. Perhaps this is already gaining popularity in America. There’s also a “store” downtown for multiplayer gaming, and it’s affordable, from what I hear. (Sadly, I haven’t been yet; the reason being that I have a network of PCs at my house, so I can do multiplayer gaming for free.)

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