your choices determine your spiritual growth

21 03 2006

Yesterday’s post was kinda lighthearted, but today, watch your toes. 🙂

Here’s a quote that says so much in just a few words :

The ball is in our court.  God has done everything necessary for us to live in victory.  If we persist in living by the flesh it is because we want to, not because we have to. ~ Watchman Nee

If you don’t have a relationship with Jesus, He wants to know you and He has paid the price for your sins so you can be saved.  It’s your choice whether to receive that…

If you are saved but are still struggling with the same sins from years ago, it’s your own choice, because God offers us the power to overcome any temptation…

If you aren’t hearing from God on a regular basis, it’s because of your choices…

I could go on… but the point is that God has done everything necessary for us to have intimate fellowship with Him, which also includes living in freedom from sin.  The question is, do we want closer fellowship with God, or are we content with where we are?




One response

23 03 2006

A lot of times we are not content with where we are – we are complacent. God will shake us sometimes to get our attention, but we still have the free will to ignore Him; doing this will cause us to just become hard-hearted and pew-warmers…

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