downloading movies instead of buying the DVD

3 04 2006

Hollywood is going to allow digital movies for download. And you will be allowed to make a backup copy. Cost will be from $10-30. But here’s the kicker : you will not be allowed to burn a DVD of it. Ah, just when I thought they might be about to “get it”…

But there will be new hardware coming out that will connect your TV to the Internet, so you could download that way. But, at $20-30 for newer titles, if I’m going to watch them on the TV, why don’t I just buy the DVD for $15? I could buy the movie for less and play it on hardware I already have. They just don’t get it…

Here’s a news article about it.

(I know, their plan is to eventually force you to upgrade from DVD to a new medium, and they hope you’ll repurchase your favorite movies. It’s all about money…)




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