media influences youth, new study shows

3 04 2006

In a new study at the University of North Carolina, it was determined that sexually-charged media has an influence on youth, making them more likely to have sex. To me, this doesn’t seem like news. But for all the people who don’t see the correlation, perhaps this study will open their eyes.

You can read a summary of it here. (Note: I don’t claim to agree with everything on this site, as I have not perused it. But I thought this article was good. I first saw the news release on Yahoo! news, but it included a skanky picture of Britney Spears, which I didn’t want associated with my site.)

Also from the article, a recent survey found that “U.S. adolescents spend six to seven hours per day using media — three hours watching television, two hours listening to music, one hour watching videotapes and movies, and three-fourths of an hour reading.” With all that media, it will surely have an influence! And that doesn’t even include the Internet…




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