more DRM gone way too far

3 04 2006

Starforce is a DRM technology that does bad things to your computer. It usually won’t uninstall with the game, it may spontaneously reboot your machine if it thinks you’re doing something suspicious, and it can compromise Windows’ security. Somebody is finally suing them. I’ve written on DRM before, how some companies take it WAY too far, and this is another example.

I like what this person said about DRM :

DRM doesn’t work. First, it doesn’t stop piracy. Second, it only punishes legitimate customers but has zero effect on pirates. Third, the cost of the DRM is passed to the customer but not to the pirates. ~ Buzz_Friendly, at a forum

I agree mostly with that. There is a case for some DRM, because it can deter some piracy, but when they abuse their customers and damage their property and take away their rights, all while not stopping piracy, it is unreasonable.




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