a real Transformer

6 04 2006

Leave it to the Japanese to develop a real Transformer. Here’s a video of a real robot that goes from a vehicle to a walking robot then back to a vehicle. It’s kinda crude looking, but it shows that the technology is getting there.

Just imagine the possibilities when this gets further developed…

Let’s imagine for a moment… If you had one of these (after a few more years of development), where it was full-size and you could drive it around then it could turn into a robot and follow you around and obey you, what would you do with it? I’m sure there’s many practical uses and perhaps even more fun uses. What can you think of?




4 responses

6 04 2006
mr. obvious

what I’d do with a ‘real’ transformer? I’d smash stuff with it… 🙂

7 04 2006

Ha! Cool! They need to make them a little smarter, though… it looks like it was about to go overboard at the end of that video clip!!What would I do with it? I would make it go get the groceries for me… and then wash my car. Oh wait… it is my car! What is it doing dirty?? Doesn’t he know how to take a bath? Gross!!

19 04 2006

the video wuddun’ play for me…

12 07 2006

My robot, which would be larger than me and could transform into a sports car, would have the features of making grilled-cheese sandwiches on command, along with brewing fresh tea when I ask it to.

Of course it would also have all these cool buttons to push and it would talk back. Kinda like KITT, except that it would have an upgraded weapons package.

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