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16 04 2006

For those of you who noticed the break between now and the last post, here’s what happened.  I had to finish my taxes (which included figuring out which way is best, since this is my first time to do taxes while married).  Then I had to finalize details of my vacation.  Then I took the vacation to celebrate my one year anniversary.

I got some more ideas for upcoming posts while on my trip, but most of the time I was in a cabin on a lake, away from computers, just relaxing and enjoying nature.  Now that things are back to “normal”, you can expect to see more posts on a regular basis.

I also took some time to create a new look for the site, by modifying an existing theme.  I got to learn about and modify PHP and CSS code (which was fun).  And I added two functional enhancements : the comments are now a lot easier to read, and there’s a section on the sidebar which lists the most recent comments.  I had requests for both of those changes, so you can’t say I never do anything for my peoples… 🙂




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16 04 2006

I found out that the site doesn’t display properly in IE, even though it looks great in Firefox. (And before you dis’ Firefox, it’s more WWW-compliant than IE.) Anyway, I’ve temporarily switched back to the previous theme until I can figure this out.

16 04 2006

I think I figured out what gave IE problems. If you use IE, why are you not using Firefox yet??? But if you insist on using IE, let me know if there are any issues with the site.

18 04 2006

I’m only usin’ Firefox, my brotha – looks good!

Viva Firefox!!

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