cars in the U.S. using alternative fuel sources

17 04 2006

A few months ago I wrote about how the U.S. needs to look at alternative fuel sources besides oil and I gave examples of some places in the world where they’re already using other means. Well, finally we’re making some progress here. I know it’s a long process to change our country’s dependence on oil, but I’m glad we’ve started.

The new Honda Civic NGV runs on compressed natural gas, gives off almost zero emissions, and can be fueled at home for half the price of gasoline. Since natural gas fueling stations aren’t common, there’s a pump called Phill that you can hook to your home’s natural gas line and fill your car with it.

You can read more on it here.

Also, the Chevy Tahoe has been modified to run on E85 (a mixture of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline), and the ethanol can be produced from corn grown in the U.S. While there’s currently an extreme shortage of places to get ethanol for fuel, at least we’re taking some steps in the direction of reducing our dependence on oil! (And reduced emissions make for a cleaner environment, too.)

More of this story can be found here.




One response

18 04 2006

In my business (rail tracking software), we are experiencing huge growth in obtaining ethanol companies because they themselves are experiencing huge growth in production. It’s a very good sign of things to come, in my opinion… the country is demanding it, and with Iran waving their fists at us with nuclear threats, it has all the more heightened awareness in the public and demand from the public

I’m not saying that ethanol is the only way or even a better way, but it is becoming very evident that *another* way besides just oil is on the horizon…

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