illegal immigration

18 04 2006

This is a hot topic these days, and something definitely needs to be done.  We can’t pretend to have national security when anyone can just walk into the country and not be accounted for.  I’ve also heard people saying we need to not do much about this, mostly because it would damage our economy.  I’m not saying we should kick them all out, but they do need to be accounted for and pay their share of taxes.  Anyway, here’s something I read on the topic that offers an interesting perspective on this :

To any of the far-lefties who think illegal immigration is the greatest thing since tortilla chips, let’s look at the situation in an allegorical microcosm : Someone illegally breaks into your home because you have it better than they do and they want what you have.  Never mind that you work at least 40 hours a week and pay your fair share of taxes.  It’s perfectly acceptable for this person to break into your home and expect you to feed them, clothe them, board them, and educate them — at your expense.  How long would you put up with it?  How many extra people sleeping in your bedroom and eating the fruit of your labor are enough?  Is there a limit to how much illegality you’d put up with?  What most “immigrants-rights” folks forget is the word “illegal” … as in, “ILLEGAL Immigrants.”  Think about it (and let the cognitive dissonance roll). ~ Dan B., from Tongue Tied, 8/9/05




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19 04 2006

The way this is being viewed by many (if not most) from both sides of the political aisle is totally out of step with the view of most Americans. I’m of the opinion that whichever party steps up and does the right thing concerning this issue is going to win big on election day. Up until now, though, the word “illegal” has been more or less ignored. I’m not against people coming to work here to better themselves, but they should do this legally and pay their fair share of taxes. Perhaps we should look at streamlining the process by which people come to this country to work.

And by the way, most of these people aren’t here to live permanently. Since they leave their families in Mexico and send most of their money home, and plan on returning there at some point themselves, they don’t even qualify as “immigrants”. Immigrants move to a country to live with hopes of becoming a citizen. They’re here for the jobs and aren’t that interested in citizenship which makes them illegal guest workers, not illegal immigrants.

Tell your congressmen and senators: Do the right thing and build a wall at the border and reform the INS to facilitate a LEGAL guest worker program. A little common sense would go a long way with this issue.

19 04 2006

Oh, and build a wall on the northern border as well and keep out those pesky Canadians. 🙂 Oh, yeah, and any terrorist that might come across the Canadian border, too.

21 04 2006

An interesting fact : the second largest source of income in Mexico is from immigrants in the U.S., after oil sales. If we crack down on illegal immigration, it will affect both the U.S. and Mexican economy.

Today the U.S. government said they plan to try actually enforcing the immigration laws… that would certainly be a change.

1 06 2006

Okay, so this illegal immigration discussion among politicians has been going on for months now, and still not much is being done except a lot of finger-pointing. When will this get treated as an issue of national security? It doesn’t take a genius to realize that letting terrorists walk into our country unnoticed isn’t a good thing.

I know money is an issue, because it will be expensive to protect our borders. But we’re obviously willing to spend billions to fight terrorism in the Middle East, so we should be able to allocate enough to protect our own country. Are we going to wait until something really bad happens and then point fingers? I sure hope not.

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