brain exercise

21 04 2006

In Japan, one of five people is 65 or older, and that is expected to change to one in four over the next decade.  A concept gaining popularity fast over there is “brain training”, where you do certain types of brain exercises to keep your mind and memory fit.  Both Nintendo and the Sony Playstation have games that take advantage of this concept, and they’re selling really well in Japan.  I read this on Yahoo news recently.

I’ve heard of this concept before, but not in marketed form.  I don’t recall which articles I’ve seen this in, but I remember they said we should keep the brain active to keep our mindset and memory working well.  I think it’s a good idea.  We should do original thinking on a regular basis.  (By “original thinking”, I mean thinking about things for yourself, not just rehashing things you’ve heard from others.)  It seems like there’s a shortage of original thinking in society these days.  We’re supposedly the most intelligent generation, but I don’t know that the average person is smarter than people of previous generations.  We typically have more “advanced” education, but that doesn’t make someone intelligent.  And how much of our formal education do we remember after 10 years anyway?  I figure this generation is considered the most intelligent because we’re standing on the shoulders of those before us.

Along those lines, consider this : should this generation be the most intelligent generation ever?  And if we’re not, why?




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