mainstream media out of touch with mainstream, according to study

21 04 2006

This is probably not news to many of you, but now there are some statistics from a survey to back it up.  An excerpt :

Overall, the public increasingly sees their press as “slanted,” with 72 percent thinking the press favored one side or other, according to a poll of 1,464 adults.  The number is up from 66 percent two years earlier.  About 60 percent found the press politically biased, up from 53 percent. … Although 60 percent of the public approve of the press in a watchdog role over politicians, just 43 percent say the national press is moral. … The researchers found a “values gap on social issues.”  In a survey of 547 journalists, 6 percent felt that belief in God is necessary to be moral; the figure was 58 percent among the general public.

Another good study would be to see how out-of-touch our representatives in Congress are with the people they are supposed to be representing.  I saw some stats on that earlier this year, but I don’t have them with me.  But I remember they were quite alarming.  It seems our politicians have their own agenda, regardless of what the people actually want.  And that is not how a democracy is supposed to work…




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