losing weight

24 04 2006

I’ve decided that I really need to lose some weight and get in better shape, so now I’m working on it.  But I’m not following one of these new-fangled diet plans, where you have to pay a monthly fee, or give up a certain type of food (like sugars or carbs), or buy some company’s low-taste frozen dinners.  I’ve decided to approach it the old-fashioned way — develop healthier eating habits and exercising.  I think that’s the best way.  I don’t want some temporary diet where I’ll lose weight real quick but then gain it back when I get through with the diet.  I want to permanently alter how I eat.  This does not mean giving up good foods, so it’s should be easier to pull off than something very drastic.  I will eat less than I used to, and I will try to include more healthy foods in my diet.  And by adding more exercise to the mix, I’ll burn more calories, which will help.

The way I look at it, losing weight is as simple as consuming less calories and burning more.  And it should be the most healthy way.  I have concerns about those diets where you give up certain food groups for months, because our body needs some of all types, even sugars and fats (though in limited quantities).

We’ll see how this goes…




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