new technology to catch speeders

24 04 2006

There’s a new technology being developed to detect when people are speeding, and it doesn’t depend on radar or lasers, so it cannot be detected with current equipment.  And I don’t know how equipment will be designed to detect it.  The new method uses microphones, then digital filtering to remove the background noise, locking in on your engine sounds, and uses the Doppler effect to calculate how fast you are going.

Not that this matters to me, because I try to avoid speeding.  But I find it interesting.

You can read a partial article on this here.

While on the topic of speeding… have you ever thought about the fact that breaking the speed limit is against the law?  Have you ever realized it’s wrong whether you get caught or not?  Thus by speeding or running stop signs, you would be a criminal?  I know people have their rationalizations and justifications for speeding, but think about it…




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