ads in video games

26 04 2006

Microsoft is paying $200-400 million for a company that places ads in videogames.  I know ads are somewhat beneficial in TV and radio because they help keep it affordable (or free).  But why must they put ads in videogames?  They’ve made it fine so far without it.  I know, it’s all about squeezing every possible penny of profit you can… *sigh*




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26 04 2006

Now comic book companies such as DC and Marvel are allowing ads to be placed inside the actual comic itself (that is, not on separate pages, but in the story, like what car they drive or a logo on their outfit or on a billboard).

There’s good reasoning for this : “Notoriously hard to reach, young adult males are known to be wary of traditional sales pitches, especially ones that get in the way of their entertainment.” However, if this goes too far, it will get in the way of their entertainment and be blatantly obvious, which may turn some readers away.

27 04 2006

IMHO, this will balance itself out; if a consumer gets fed up with “over-advertising” (blatantly putting the ads everywhere as you’ve described), then consumers will just turn away.

They won’t buy as many comics (or buy another brand that doesn’t do this stupid kind of thing). They’ll buy another console system (hello, Sony & Nintendo! You guys better hope this happens!). As long as the consumer chooses not to buy if the products have excessive advertisement, then it will scale back…

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