changing A.D. to C.E.?

1 05 2006

I’ve seen some news about this lately, how some groups are getting more pro-active about changing how we designate years.  Instead of ranting about it personally (which I could, because to me it’s stupid for these activist groups to mess with it and it’s actually drawing more attention to what it stands for), I’m going to just quote something I read about it recently, which offers a neat perspective on it :

Don’t people realize that changing from A.D. to C.E. doesn’t change the fact that the system is still based on, to use their words, “dating years according to Christian theology?”  If they are so offended by the dating system, why not rename 2006 as Year 1 and start over?  The fact is that our system is based on Christ’s birth, and these moves to change from A.D. to C.E. are feeble attempts to mask the true meaning of the calendar.  Perhaps these groups should spend less time offending Christians and more time on issues that are important. ~ Bobby Eberle, 4/19/06




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