a day on Venus

15 05 2006

Here on Earth, we define a day as how long it takes our planet to rotate on its axis and one year as how long it takes to go around the Sun.  And we keep up with the years by counting the number of days.  But on Venus this doesn’t work, because the day there is longer than its year.  It takes 225 “Earth” days to rotate around the Sun (a Venusian year) and 243 “Earth” days to rotate on its axis (a Venusian day).

So on Venus, one night would be half a year…  Imagine that — for half the year, you’d have to go to sleep while it’s still full daylight, and for the other half of the year, it would be dark all of every day.  It would get old to have over 2500 consecutive hours of darkness!

FYI, on Venus, it’s always cloudy.  You never have a sunny day — only half the sunlight can get through the atmosphere.  So I don’t know if you’d ever have an impressive-looking sunset or not, but if so, it would last for several “Earth” days.  Also, there is thunder and lightning every day, but never any rain or snow.

I think I’ll just stay on Earth for now…




5 responses

15 05 2006

Plus, breathing 96% carbon dioxide all day is hard on the lungs, especially in 800 degree weather, compounded by clouds of concentrated sulfuric acid. Or so I’ve heard from others’ experience….

16 05 2006
Thomas Wayne

Yeah, I took a field trip there a few years ago, and it was quite discomfortable… I don’t figure I’ll ever go back.

6 07 2006

Is that why they invented Venusian blinds?

6 07 2006

I bet, if you had a good magnifying glass, you could really fry a lot of bugs and stuff.

8 07 2006
Astronomy Ace

Not to mention the 24/7 hurricane like winds.

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