HD-DVD vs Blu-ray

19 05 2006

I’m not going to explain the difference in them — that info is all over the web.  But I would like to include a couple of comments from John C. Dvorak, a well-known tech writer :

Over the next two years the public is going to witness a replay of the great Beta versus VHS wars of the 1970’s with a twist.  In this case it’s going to be HD-DVD versus Blu-ray. … One fly-in-the ointment may be some sort of combo-player that can take both formats.  Neither side wants to see this which means they are just asking for a fight to the death.  And, in fact, the license arrangements may prevent any combo-drive from being released.  Samsung pulled back on its announcement that it would do a combo player citing the Blu-ray agreement which apparently did not allow such a device. … Curiously until the Samsung pullback I believe that most of the tech writers were unaware of the restrictive license provisions.  In fact I suspect that as part of the agreement the restriction itself cannot be discussed.  These are the kind of non-disclosure deals that are being drawn up nowadays designed mostly to keep the public in the dark.

So they won’t allow combo players, huh?  That’s greedy!  And it’s bad for the consumers.  They want you to choose one side, but there’s a danger in that, because one of the technologies will eventually “lose” and fade away.  It is like Beta vs VHS again.  It’s so not fair to those who buy the expensive player and DVDs that won’t be compatible in a couple of years…

It also doesn’t seem right that they can make the public remain ignorant just for the sake of more sales.  I reckon it’s not illegal to do such things, but they should treat their customers better, I think…  But, as it usually goes these days with business, it’s all about the money.  There’s a lot of royalties at stake in this battle — the winner will get paid for every DVD produced in their format.  It’s like that with CDs now — for every CD ever made (including blank ones), Sony (among others) gets a cut.

I wish there were more companies that actually care about people rather than just how much money they can make…




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