recording sound waves

21 05 2006

Isn’t it amazing that we have figured out how to record sound waves into digital form?  Think about it — you can hear sounds, but you can’t see them.  They are vibrations of air.  And with a digital device, we can “read” them from the air and convert them into millions of zeros and ones, and when we play it back, most people cannot tell the difference.

The computer takes 44,100 samples per second (if you’re at CD-quality), which is taking a “snapshot” of the sound 44,100 times per second, using values from 0-255 (16-bit).  And when this is converted back to analog and played through speakers, it sounds like the original source to us.  It’s really amazing that we got this to work!

It’s also amazing that our ears are that good!  All this stuff around us makes vibrations in the air, and we are able to hear these vibrations and distinguish between them.

Why am I telling you all this?  It’s not that you necessarily need to know, but it’s interesting, and maybe it’ll make you appreciate God’s creation a little more.




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