The Da Vinci Code rewrites history

22 05 2006

If you’re looking for a website explaining how The Da Vinci Code is twisting history for its own purposes, this site — Jesus and Da Vinci: Who was Jesus, really? — is a good one.  There are numerous ones out there, and some are very detailed (if you want to read a lot).

It’s sad that some people are being deceived by this movie and/or book into believing false stories.  The author, Dan Brown, portrays it as based on fact, but most of it is not.  If you watch the movie or read the book, you should read up on the historical “facts” he mentions.  Just because he says he researched it doesn’t mean he is right.  (I wonder where he did his research, because it’s “out there”.)  There are obvious contradictions to the foundation of the movie/book.  And the contradictions are not just with the Bible — they go against secular accounts of history also.

If you read/watch The Da Vinci Code, just know that it’s fiction.  And if it makes you curious about the truth, do some research on your own.  Research is not nearly so difficult as it used to be, because the Internet makes it so easy.  (You just have to make sure your source is reputable.)




One response

12 06 2006

If you want to read more on The Da Vinci Code, here’s a good article that explains how the foundations of the story is built on lies. Like this writer says, the only reason the movie is dangerous is because of ignorance. If people knew their history, they’d realize how silly that whole story is. (FYI, this is someone who has read the book.)

The Da Vinci Load : Fact vs Fiction

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