a valuable dog

23 05 2006

In the news today, a man in Oregon filed a $1.6 million “loss of companionship” claim against his neighbor who ran over his 13-year-old dog.  This seems ridiculous to me.  If he was that concerned about losing his dog and getting financially compensated, he should’ve taken out a life insurance policy on it (though I doubt you could do that).  While I’m sad for the family who lost the dog, they don’t deserve that kind of compensation.  Besides, by law, pets are considered personal property.

And also, perhaps he shouldn’t have let his dog in the road…  But that would mean he’d have to accept some of the responsibility and blame, instead of saying it’s all someone else’s fault, and people these days just don’t do that too much anymore…  *sigh*




One response

23 05 2006

also how much could a 13 year old dog be worth? if every dog year is a equivalent to 7 human years like they say… that dog would be 91 years old… granted as you stated before, i’m saddened for the families loss but dont see financial compensation being justified.
or worst case… get the guy a new (younger) dog…

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