Why is Christianity oppressed in America?

26 05 2006

Have you thought about how The Da Vinci Code is blasphemy against Christianity, yet it is so embraced by much of the media here in our country?  If someone were to make such a movie about Allah or Buddha, it would be condemned and/or considered “hate speech”.  People sure like to talk trash about Christians but are tolerant of other religions.  Why do you suppose that is?  I can tell you — because Christianity is the real religion.  There’s a spiritual battle going on, whether you realize it or not, and the enemy is trying to destroy Christianity.  That’s why Christianity gets oppressed in our country, while the other religions are left alone.  Think about that when you watch the news.

Why else would only Christianity be targeted?  Is it less tolerant?  No.  Is it dangerous to our country?  No.  But look at Islam, which is growing faster than Christianity in America right now, and it is less tolerant of America and is quite dangerous to our country.  The radical Muslims want to kill us!  But yet the media is strangely silent on this.  Think about it…




One response

7 06 2006

It’s definitely a spiritual battle going on for the hearts and minds of people today. We have a similar situation here in Australia.

Tell someone that you are into any new age, mystical eastern religion and they will go, “Yeh yeh, he’s really spiritual”. Tell them you’re into buddhism, islam, gnosticism, scientology (though less so given Tom Cruise’s recent outbursts) and it’s the same line. Tell that same person that you are a born again Christian and you’re a, “whack job, sad person, deluded, loser etc”.

And of course the media perpetuates this by endorsing anything that is against Christianity… thankfully we know the truth.

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