dealing with your past

2 06 2006

I read a quote today that sparked a few thoughts I’d like to share :

You can’t change the past, but you can ruin a perfectly good present by worrying about the future.

So true.  And I’d like to add to that — you can ruin the present by thinking on regrets from your past.  We all sometimes have regrets of things we did or didn’t do, but we must not let them ruin the present.  Deal with the situation, thinking through it, resolving your emotions, and repent to God and whoever you need to.  Then forgive yourself and let it go.  We all make mistakes, but we should put them behind us and learn from them so we won’t make them again in the future.

Also, when you ruin the present, you’re planting seeds for your future, because what you do now determines your future.  It all ties back together.  That’s why some people have the same issues for years and years, because they won’t deal with them.  If you don’t resolve the issues you now face, they will continue to be a problem until you deal with them.

I realize it’s painful to deal with our hurts and failures, and so we tend to repress them and hope the problem will fade away.  It’s easier to put our mind on other things.  But the problem will come back.  It may take weeks or even months, but it will resurface.  You can only repress emotions for so long until they either explode or implode.  And so you will keep getting hurt over and over again by something from your past, all because you won’t deal with it.  And then you can see that not dealing with it was actually more painful and damaging than confronting the issue right away.

The devil doesn’t want us to resolve our issues, because when we’re hurt we hurt other people.  It may not be intentional at all, but our unresolved issues cause friction in our relationships (because of how we see things and what we expect).

It may seem like some issues you face cannot be resolved, that they’re too big, but with God all things are possible.  It is certainly possible to live in His peace, where your joy is not destroyed by any circumstances you face.  To have God’s peace, you have to be open and honest with yourself and with God.  You have to take responsibility for how you feel and who you are.  You may not feel like sharing the ugly and broken parts of your life with God, but He requires it all.  And the wonderful thing is that He will take the ugly and broken parts and make them into something beautiful and useful.  It’s an amazing thing!  And God wants to heal you, not just physically but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  So don’t feel hopeless about your situation.  Just remember that you have to give it all to Him, then He will make something good out of it.




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2 06 2006

Preach it, Blog Pastor Beppo, you meddlesome blogger you!

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