is censoring “hate speech” a trap?

5 06 2006

Recently, a student newspaper in Oregon printed an article depicting Jesus as a homosexual (you can read about it here).  Of course this outraged many people, and some Christian leaders are calling for such things to not be allowed to be printed because it’s “hate speech”.  There’s another word for that proposal, though : censorship.  That raises some big questions that have difficult answers.

But here’s a side to the issue that I haven’t heard people discussing. I suspect the devil is setting a trap for Christianity, using the censorship issue.  Some of the religious leaders are saying that kind of material should be censored because it offends religious people.  But if we get that passed into law, it would be used against Christians, because parts of Christianity are offensive to those who aren’t Christians.  Wouldn’t the devil get a laugh out of motivating Christian leaders to sponsor and push for a censorship law that ends up being used against them?




One response

13 10 2008

That is a great perspective you offer. Freedom of Speech is one of the aspects of our country that makes it so great! While such a view is, in my view, plain silly, folks ought to have the right to say whatever they like (so long as they are not actually inciting people to violence). Once any law or rule limits what a person can or cannot say about another person or group, there will censorship we like and censorship we don’t. What was meant to be a shield will be used as a sword!

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