censorship vs freedom of speech

6 06 2006

Are you for censorship or freedom of speech?

I have more to say about this, but will save it for a later time.  In the meantime, think about where you stand on that, and consider if they can co-exist in any way.  Also, what type of policy on this is best for our country?




3 responses

29 06 2006
Buck Elvis

I believe in freedom of speech. My most compelling reason is that it allows us to worship in churches without any government interference. If most Christians would realize the power we have with this God-given right, we would not have to worry about the trash that is out there today. “If God be for us, who can be against us.” Obviously the world realizes the power of free speech. They use the media to get money off of the American people. If the world can use this powerful tool to reach people to give money, imagine what Christians with the enabling power of the Holy Spirit could do. There could be literally billions reached with the Gospel. We, however have decided to play church and go and worship one day a week and now find ourselves having to see the results of us letting the forces of hell take this freedom and use it the way they want to.

If Christians would fund their goals as well as the world does theirs, we would have the Gospel being spread like wildfire. As it is, everyone in the world knows about how Diet Coke explodes when Mentos is dropped in it while only about 1/4 of Americans go to church on any given Sunday. Diet Coke and Mentos sales have gone up tremendously, but church attendance keeps going down. (ok I’m off my soapbox now)

29 06 2006

I believe in freedom of speech also. I think almost anyone in America would say they are for it, although some people are also calling for censorship at the same time. And those two things aren’t very compatible.

I agree with Buck Elvis that a lot of the blame should be on Christians for how our society is. I mean, sinners do what sinners do, so that’s their call, but there are so many Christians that aren’t living the life and aren’t walking in God’s power, and many churches have so watered-down the Gospel that they’re preaching a false gospel now. Many Christians will gripe about the state of our country and all the corruption in the media and how things are getting worse, but then not do anything about it. If we aren’t telling people about God’s love for them, and we aren’t praying like we should, and we aren’t living a Christ-like example, then we are also to blame.

Sadly, much of the Church has adopted the mentality of our current society in this regard : “Yeah, there’s a lot of problems, but it’s other people’s fault, and someone should do something.” When we don’t accept responsibility but instead point fingers to spread the blame to others, it doesn’t accomplish much (except make things worse).

And, back to the last comment, the church in America has so watered-down the Gospel that many “Christians” (or church-goers, as the case may be) don’t do anything except try to be fairly “good” and be happy and prosperous. But we should love people and want to help them, like Jesus did.

I seem to have tripped over a soapbox. 🙂 I’ll stop ranting for now…

8 07 2006
Captain Wuss

I’m for freedom of speech also, but I also think it would be great to have a button on our remote that would allow us to give an electric shock to whoever is speaking on the television, when we don’t like what they have to say. That would greatly reduce the number of people who go on the television spouting there leftist liberal agenda. Also, I think the news would be about positive stories much more often.

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