rewarding Iran for breaking U.N. rules

6 06 2006

In the news today, the U.S. might be offering Iran some “dual use” nuclear technology (meaning it can be used for military and civilian usage).  Isn’t that what we’re trying to keep them from having?  But this is unconfirmed by our government, so hopefully it’s not true.

Anyway, besides all that, I have an issue with this whole process.  Let’s look at the negotiation process with Iran by using an analogy.  Suppose your son was hitting his brother, when he clearly knows it’s against the rules.  So you tell him to not do it anymore because he’s not supposed to do that.  But he keeps doing it anyway.  So something must be done.  But instead of any type of punishment, you decide to keep trying “diplomacy” by offering him “bold incentives” to quit hitting his brother.  You offer him cookies and candy bars if he will quit hitting his brother.  It might work… for a while.  But eventually the son might decide to push the limit further, since he didn’t get into trouble and actually got rewarded for it.  And what message does this show to the brother who was being hit?  He was innocent, yet his guilty brother gets cookies and candy bars because he broke the rules.  So now the innocent brother has motivation to break the laws, too, in hopes of getting the cookies and candy bars.  As you can see, this is a bad idea for the parent.

Now consider if that analogy applies to the negotiations with Iran and their development of nuclear technology…




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19 06 2006

Good analogy… And it can even go further than that. For example, the neighbor’s son might see how much attention (and cookies and candy) your bad son is getting, and then he might get jealous and also want attention, cookies, and candy. Case in point: This is from a CNN article, where some U.S. officials are speaking of North Korea:

“The isolated communist state had sometimes engaged in surprise behavior to attract international attention when it felt it was being ignored, and it might feel slighted over the U.S. focus on resolving the nuclear issue with Iran, they said.”

21 07 2006
Beppo’s Blog » Blog Archive » a few thoughts on Israel fighting Hezbollah

[…] I’m not saying Israel is doing all the right things.  They are probably hurting their reputation even more.  But at the same time, it’s actually somewhat refreshing to see someone actually do something about terrorism.  (Again, I prefer diplomacy attempted first, but if that doesn’t work, something has to be done.)  I wrote recently about how some of the people pushing for peace are so set on immediate peace that they actually support this bad behavior.  Like with the whole North Korea situation, and likewise with Iran.  These countries broke the international laws, the U.N. does nothing but talk, and the laws continue to be broken — adamantly, even.  And then diplomacy breaks down into offering them good things — almost like rewarding them — so they won’t keep breaking the law.  Something has to be done… […]

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