The Christian Clean Cycle

12 06 2006

I came across an interesting article today about materialism and worldliness and how we tend to avoid suffering for Jesus’ sake.  It’s worth a read.  You’ll want to keep an open mind all the way through it, because this goes against the grain of society, even in most Christian circles.

If it looks like a duck… (The Christian Clean Cycle)

I think he makes a great point.  And like he said, not all the “stuff” is bad.  But are we filling our lives with “edited” worldliness?  Are we so dependent on entertainment (even Christian entertainment) that we are missing out on the fullness of God?  Are we so busy, even with good stuff, that we are neglecting quiet time with God?  Is it keeping us from intimacy with God?  Is this part of the reason so few Christians remind you of Jesus?  Definitely something to think about…




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