a million dollar idea

13 06 2006

If someone could invent a type of grass for your yard that looked nice and only grew to about an inch or two so you never had to mow it, they’d make millions of dollars…




3 responses

19 06 2006

Umm… no. You are definitely underestimating how much they would make. We’re talking hostile suburbian takeover here.

Although the Lawnmower Boys of American Teenagers Trying to Make a Buck Union would fight the release of this tooth and nail… this kind of grass may already be out there, but the Union is keeping it down. It’s a conspiracy…

6 07 2006

I think my neighbor has been smoking his grass. What will the teeange boy union say about that?

11 07 2006
C. Everette Jones-Koop

some folks think fresh-cut grass smells good or like watermelons, but I find that guacamole has a pleaseant, grasslike flavor that I don’t find objectionable…


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