boycotting boycotts

14 06 2006

I’ve received quite a few e-mails lately about participating in boycotts against certain companies because of their stance on particular moral issues.  I’ve often wondered how much good this does.  Of course, with enough people participating, they will listen because we vote with our checkbook.  But is this an effective way to influence our society?

Recently I read a post about boycotting boycotts, and what was said makes some sense.  While we do want to impact our society, we do that by impacting people.  Consider this excerpt from the article :

We are called, as Christians, not to make the world more moral, but to reconcile people to Christ. We are Christ’s ambassadors for such a purpose. In 1996 when the AFA and the Southern Baptist boycotted Disney because of Gay Day why didn’t we send a few million Southern Baptist to Disneyworld with Bibles and tracks? Pass out free bottled water to the gays, and say, “Hey man/woman we really do care about your soul.” Nope instead we said “you’re bad and I’m good, so I am not going to have anything to do with you.” I am still trying to find how the “Love the sinner hate the sin” motto fit into that scenario. Why are we asking a secular company to act like Christians? They are acting like lost people, which is okay. They are supposed to act that way. Why are we surprised when Ford advertises in a Gay/Lesbian magazine? They are trying to sell cars and they don’t care what their beliefs are. In fact Ford is one of the largest advertisers to Christian radio. I would consider support for any effort … AFA wants to make in reconciling people to Christ, but I will not support a boycott. In fact I am boycotting boycotts.

I’m not necessarily totally against boycotts, but I’m not sure it’s always the best thing to do.  Also, where do we draw the line?  How many companies are out there that don’t support any ideals/beliefs which I don’t agree with?

I’m open to a discussion on boycotts, if someone wants to discuss this more…



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16 06 2006 - Poems, Rants, Articles, Stories, and More » Blog Archive » Calling All Christians to Boycott

[…] In my opinion, boycotts can be effective. A boycott worked for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. However, sometimes boycotts are simply asking others to take part in your beliefs. If that is the case, then how effective can boycotts really be? If nobody else has your beliefs, then the boycott is meaningless. […]

19 06 2006

This article makes a very good point and I can definitely see both sides of the argument. I think that you just use God’s wisdom and direction when dealing with this; anything that you can do to give Him glory and point others to Him is the right thing to do. If what you’re doing (such as boycotting) is simply to say how righteous YOU are, then it’s a definitel no-go.

29 06 2006
Buck Elvis

I must say I take the moralists view on this subject. Should we try to Christianize society, or should we try to change individuals so that morals are not a problem. In history, the efforts to force non-Christians to act like Christians have failed miserably. However, if you look at times of social moral greatness, the morals were not the law, but a choice of the individuals in that society.

It goes back to the point of should we ban everything that we find morally questionable, or should we evangelize the country and kill the market for such things.

On the flip side, though, people should be protected so some products (child pornography) should not be allowed. Also, there should not be laws against Christianity (crosses being taken down off of hills and cemetaries, bibles not allowed in school) simply because this violates rights and inhibits evangelism.

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