the luxury of a toilet

19 06 2006

Let me start this idea with a quote :

Our billions of ancestors, who lived their whole lives alongside death, disease and filth because they lacked the indescribable luxuries of flush toilets and running water, would undoubtedly be amazed to know that most people nowadays still can’t even be bothered to flush the toilet or wash their hands. ~ Rob Fairchild

I don’t think the situation is as bad as he says, that “most people” don’t flush or wash.  I suspect that most people do.  (I really hope so!)  Nonetheless, there’s been a couple of times in the past week or two that I happened to be in the same public bathroom with people who did neither.  One was at work and the other was at a bookstore.  It’s very inconsiderate of the people who have to use the bathroom next.  But even worse than that, imagine someone going to the bathroom, not washing their hands, then handling books and/or magazines that someone else will buy.  Very gross!




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