banning pool to reduce crime

21 06 2006

Let me start with an article in the news today, then make a point from it :

KAMPALA (Reuters) – Ugandan police have banned people from playing pool during the daytime because it encourages crime, local media said Wednesday.

The game is very popular in the east African nation, where pool tables sit under canopies outside thousands of small bars.

But Kampala police chief Grace Turyagumanawe said youths often played while drinking illegal spirits and smoking drugs.

“They also use this as a meeting place to make plans of robbing people of their property at night,” he told the Daily Monitor newspaper. “We are not banning the sport, but we are stopping people from playing it during the day.”

I suppose this is one of those cases where the police feel they have to do something, but couldn’t they find something more effective?  I mean, it’s not the game of pool that “encourages crime” as they say.  Why don’t they do something about the issue of youths “drinking illegal spirits and smoking drugs” that they know about?  That is more likely part of the problem.  I wonder what people are thinking sometimes…




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23 06 2006

And now Beijing has banned disco music because “drug takers regularly dance and go crazy to upbeat ‘disco’ music”.  Check out an excerpt of the article :

BEIJING (Reuters) – Beijing has banned disco and other dance music in private rooms of nightclubs and karaoke bars to curb the flood of illegal drugs into the capital’s entertainment venues, Chinese newspapers reported Friday.

“Because many drug takers regularly dance and go crazy to upbeat ‘disco’ music in private rooms, police have specially requested karaoke machines not have this music,” the Beijing Times newspaper said.

Club owners were now expected to delete disco and “other forms of vulgar entertainment” from karaoke machines in private rooms, the Beijing News said, as part of a “responsibility agreement” written up by police.

So the drug users can still go to the private rooms… but because they don’t have disco they’ll decide to clean up their act?  I don’t get it…

What’s next?  Banning certain types of food because drug addicts like them?

23 06 2006
Thomas Wayne

Also note that they said disco was “vulgar entertainment”. I don’t know that it was all that vulgar, but some of it can hardly be called “entertainment”. 🙂

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