just the facts, please…

23 06 2006

What we need in this country is a news source that is unbiased and is actually focused on presenting just the facts.  If they want to offer opinions and commentary, have that in a separate area and labelled clearly as such.  Too much of what we (the public) are fed by the media is biased and is spun toward that side’s agenda.  There’s a place for commentary and debate, but there should also be a place for just the facts so the viewer can be informed and draw their own conclusions.

I know some media outlets claim to be unbiased, but even those (that I’m familiar with) could do a better job of separating facts from commentary.

This is a big deal, because when the general public is ignorant / uninformed, they are more easily deceived and influenced.  We must be careful where we get our info from, because a lot of people use the media to twist the facts and thus influence people to their side.  We need to seek after what’s true and right, instead of just blindly following one side of the issues.  And to make educated decisions, we need to be informed.




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