letters from Saddam Hussein’s government

23 06 2006

Here’s an interesting document, called Did Russian Ambassador Give Saddam the U.S. War Plan?  Somehow Saddam had documentation all about our armies before we invaded Iraq, and it looks to have come from a Russian ambassador.  It contained the exact number of military vehicles and their exact locations and what route we were taking into Baghdad (and that proved to be accurate).

The article summarizes seven documents from Saddam Hussein’s government, which the U.S. government has released.  These documents contain proof (if fully verified) of our claims against Hussein.  This info seems to be neglected in the mainstream media (based on what I’ve heard anyway).  Supposedly Saddam was secretly looking into how to contribute to French political campaigns (and it has been shown that some French politicians were involved in oil-based scandals).  And in 1997 the Iraqi intelligence ordered directors and managers to follow certain procedures in case of a search by the U.N. team, which involved removing prohibited equipment and removing all traces of chemical or biological materials.  There’s also a document from 2001 showing that Osama bin Laden and the Taliban were looking to work with the Iraqi government in targeting America.

Why is this info being neglected by most of our media and politicians?  (I know, they have an agenda that’s based more on political power than on what’s right and true.)  It’s very deceptive to hide the facts and offer contrasting opinions and “facts” to the public.




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