The American Revolution

4 07 2006

The other night I saw a show called “The Revolution” on the History Channel, where they re-enacted America’s fight against the British to become a free country.  The show really revealed how much struggle there was to gain our freedom and how close the battle actually was.

For those who don’t like the idea of fighting for liberty and freedom, you probably don’t want to know that thousands died fighting for America’s freedom.  (If that really troubles you, perhaps you should find another country to live in…)  If they hadn’t’ve made that sacrifice, we might not have a free country today.

I was thinking today about our freedom, particularly because it’s July 4th, when we celebrate our freedom and independence.  We have a great country to live in.  And even though many people these days are trying to take away our freedom (from the inside, even), it’s still a great country to be in.

May we not take our freedom for granted!  Many countries don’t have freedom of worship or freedom of speech.  And let’s keep striving to maintain our freedom.  There are people who want to destroy it, whether in the name of “political correctness” or Communism or Islam or whatever.  I think people should be free…




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