the power of music

6 07 2006

It’s really interesting how music and songs can stir memories and even lift our spirit.  On the way to work this morning I listened to a CD from the Brownsville Revival, and it reminded me of glorious services I attended there, and it encouraged and edified my spirit.  I’m not really sure how to explain this…  It led me to think of how much more of God there is to know and experience, and I thought of how much potential there is in my ministry when the Holy Spirit is involved.  (And that applies to everyone, not just me.)

I think God made us receptive to music and songs, for such reasons.  I don’t really understand how it works like it does, even though I’ve tried to read up on this; I wonder if we just don’t know.  But somehow music and singing can really move us, even if it’s something we’ve never heard before.  It can even be an instrumental song that we don’t know, yet we feel stirred by it, in our spirit and emotions and thinking.

I’ve wondered how much of this is just me, because I’m a musician and I really like music, but I think this can apply to about anyone.

Even though I don’t understand it, I’m glad God made us this way.  It’s such an incredible experience to be moved by great music, especially when it stirs up your spirit and makes you want to seek more of God.




2 responses

6 07 2006

Show me a culture without music and I’ll show you some sorry folks! Heaven is filled with music – God made it. Or the angels and heavenly beings make it to please Him…or something like that. Music can affect us almost like drugs – good and bad. It, or the desire/need for it, is ingrained in our souls. It is supernatural.

8 07 2006
Captain Wuss

Being a musician definately affects how we respond, but I think being in the music ministry has a greater influence on our response. For example, I can go to a church and be in the congregation and worship the Lord, but put me behind a piano or on the drums or leading the worship and it’s like God plugs a chord directly into my soul. My worship is brought to a new level.

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