why does the world love soccer but not other pro sports?

6 07 2006

Perhaps you’ve heard of the 2006 FIFA World Cup… it’s been all over the news.  From what I’ve heard, it’s a huge event around the world, except so much in the U.S.  So why is that?

I read an interesting article today about why most of the world loves soccer but doesn’t really care about baseball, basketball, or American football.  It may be because they don’t know about them.  A guy was in Zambia, where they don’t have electricity or running water.  After school, the kids all play soccer and love it.  They had never heard of other pro sports.  So this guy explained to them how to play baseball, then they played, and they loved it too.  And now they want to play baseball all the time.

So is the issue really that simple?  Perhaps…




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