my wreck last night

7 07 2006

Last night I was on my way to a tennis match, stopped at a red light, when someone ran into the back of my truck.  It caused enough damage that insurance will need to get involved, unfortunately.  The guy was in a new car, a 2006 model, and his fiancee was quite upset at him.  He said he wasn’t sure how to calm her down, so I feel sorry for him.  At least no one was hurt in the wreck.

The wreck made me 30 minutes late to my tennis match.  And to top it all off, I lost the match because I played poorly and because I’m out of shape.  So it wasn’t exactly a great evening.  But I noticed something after I got home… I wasn’t as upset as I normally would be.  Sure, the situations were frustrating, but they didn’t bother me like they would’ve in the past.  It’s encouraging to see that God is still working on me.  (By no means am I trying to imply that I’ve arrived — I still have a lot to improve on — but it is encouraging to see improvement in my character.)




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8 07 2006
Captain Wuss

At least it wasn’t icy, and at least you weren’t on I-40, and you didn’t hit your head, so it sounds like it really wasn’t all that bad. At least you don’t have my track record. I’ve had how many accidents? And how many cars have I totaled? Maybe it’s a sign from God that you should get a new truck…. haha

10 07 2006

Ah, a former roommate from college who was jealous of my truck. 🙂 Sorry, my truck is not for sale.

I am really grateful that it wasn’t like my only other wreck that you mentioned. That one was bad. This one just scuffed my truck a little. I’ve been wanting to get it repainted anyway, and this may be the best time to do so.

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