a self-driving car

11 07 2006

Volkswagen has created the VW Golf GTi ’53 plus 1′ car which can drive itself.  And it can even drive better than the VW engineers could.  It uses radar and laser sensors to “read” the road.  And it has satellite-navigation control built in, which can track it with precision to within an inch.

But here’s my problem with it — it uses computers.  While I like computers and use them daily to accomplish things I couldn’t do by hand, there’s a lot that can go wrong with computers, like crashes and bugs and malfunctions.  And the biggest problems are hackers and viruses, which could do bad things.  So until people figure out how to stop that kind of stuff (and it’s unlikely they ever will completely), I’ll just drive for myself.  Besides, I actually enjoy driving.

Although I must admit the thought of telling your car the course for your vacation, then letting it drive while you sleep or play video games or watch movies, sounds pretty cool…  🙂




One response

18 07 2006

This is somewhat related… there’s a car that manages your speed for you — if you try to exceed the speed limit. A company in England is developing a product to keep your car from exceeding the speed limit. Over there it will be more useful and accepted because they use speed cameras to catch speeding motorists, and it’s much more effective than our system. They even have roving speed cameras so you won’t know where they are. I imagine it’s only a matter of time before that happens here.

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