do you really want to know God more?

12 07 2006

I imagine most people would say they want more of God in their lives.  If you do, are you willing to do anything about it?  If we don’t seek after God, if we don’t really care whether we hear from Him or not, then we’ll just continue along the same path we’re currently on.  But if we seek God, He will be found.  (See Matthew 7:7-8)  Check out this quote :

God fills the hungry.  He satisfies the thirsty.  He will meet you according to your hunger, He will visit you according to your thirst; He will be as serious with you as you are with Him. ~ Dr. Michael Brown

It’s easy to say we want more of God, but our actions reveal how important it really is to us.  If we’re too busy to pray and study the Bible, then obviously other things are more important than our time with God.

While thinking about this, I feel convicted, too.  I want to know God more intimately than I currently do, and I know there is so much more of God to know, yet I also have to deal with distractions (and I often don’t do as well as I should).  Also, it’s easy to “judge” ourselves based on our intentions.  “Yeah, I want to know God more, so I must be doing good, right?”  (I recently wrote on this mentality; see “do you think you’re pious?“)  But if I continue to be distracted from my time with God, then there are some issues in my heart that need to be fixed.  God still has work to do in me, and fortunately He will continue the good work He has begun in me!  (See Philippians 1:6)  I am so thankful He is patient with us!




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