will Google rule the Internet?

12 07 2006

I’m not talking about the price of their shares, though I wish I knew.  🙂  Some people jokingly say they are trying to take over the world, and they make some interesting points.  I read today about Google Checkout, where they hope all online vendors will use it for buying online, where you enter your credit card info only once and then all sites that use this service will offer one-click billing and shipping.  Very convenient.

Microsoft tried something like this years ago (called Passport) and it didn’t get very far, but a lot of people don’t trust Microsoft.  (I am one of those people.)  Google appears to be a more trustable company.

But this is not all Google is up to.  There’s been rumors that they are partnering with certain companies to offer free Internet access across the country.  And they are starting to offer web-based versions of programs like Excel and Word, so you won’t need to buy Microsoft Office.  And if they eventually make a Linux derivative/distro (there’s rumors of one code-named Goobuntu), then they will be squeezing Microsoft out of their dominant position.  Could that succeed?  I don’t know, because there’s a lot of factors to consider, but I really hope they can offer Microsoft some competition.




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