a few thoughts on Israel fighting Hezbollah

21 07 2006

I don’t like to see people getting killed, especially innocent people.  I wish we could all find a way to get along peacefully.  But some people refuse that lifestyle, making it difficult for people who want peace.  Hezbollah decided to kidnap a couple of Israelis and then to fight back with illegal weapons (in that they aren’t supposed to have them there in Lebanon).

So what is Israel supposed to do?  A number of people, including the Pope, are calling for a cease-fire.  But what will that do?  If Israel stops fighting, will Hezbollah also stop fighting and return the captured soldiers?  Is the U.N. going to do anything about Hezbollah?  (I mean, other than tell them they shouldn’t do such things…)  Obviously mere talk is not getting anywhere with these people.  The U.N. Secretary-General has actually said some good things about a resolution, but how is he going to bring that to pass?

It’s easy when we’re living in peace and freedom to tell other countries they should stop fighting and be peaceful.  But what if a terrorist group kidnapped some Americans and then started launching rockets into our country?  What if it was in your state?  How long would we say, “Peace, peace”, hoping they would stop killing innocent people?  Eventually you have to do something or they will take over.  Remember, it is their goal to destroy Israel and the U.S.

I’m not saying Israel is doing all the right things.  They are probably hurting their reputation even more.  But at the same time, it’s actually somewhat refreshing to see someone actually do something about terrorism.  (Again, I prefer diplomacy attempted first, but if that doesn’t work, something has to be done.)  I wrote recently about how some of the people pushing for peace are so set on immediate peace that they actually support this bad behavior.  Like with the whole North Korea situation, and likewise with Iran.  These countries broke the international laws, the U.N. does nothing but talk, and the laws continue to be broken — adamantly, even.  And then diplomacy breaks down into offering them good things — almost like rewarding them — so they won’t keep breaking the law.  Something has to be done…




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