the “new car smell” might be bad for you

25 07 2006

Supposedly the “new car smell” is somewhat toxic.  It comes from the breakdown of chemicals (PBDEs) used as fire retardants and to soften PVC plastics.  You can read more here.  Obviously it’s not that bad, or there’d be more sick people and lots of big lawsuits.

Also, in the first nationwide tests for brominated flame retardants in dust on computers, there was some found in all cases, and since it builds up in the body, any amount is more than you want.  Again, it’s a form of PBDEs (fire retardant chemicals).

This kind of thing makes me wonder what all these chemicals around us are doing to us.  We are surrounded by a lot more chemicals than we realize, and we even eat quite a few of them in our food.  The full effect of all this is not known, because it’s just too big a scale to consider.  But what can you do?




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