a vaccine against gaining weight

2 08 2006

Scientists have developed a vaccine that they’re currently testing (on rats, of course) that keeps someone from gaining weight, even when they overeat.  I’m not sure this is a good thing, because it doesn’t encourage being responsible for what you eat.  But just imagine how much money they’d make if they can pull this off!  If you could take a shot, then eat whatever you want and however much you want yet not gain weight, almost everyone would take it.  (I have to admit that would be tempting, just based on that.)

But there is a big potential side-effect mentioned in the article :

Since ghrelin is present in the brain you might start an immune system response against the brain. It’s not necessarily a very safe thing to do.

I think that’s a show-stopper…




One response

15 08 2006
Wise Old Man

Why would an immune system response against the brain be a show-stopper? Being to immune to the thinking process seems to be very popular these days. Why, in politics, it’s almost a requirement!

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