entering God’s presence

5 08 2006

One of the incredible experiences that sometimes happen in Christianity is entering God’s manifest presence.  I’m not talking about “He’s everywhere”; I mean when you know without a doubt that He is near, when you can actually feel His presence.  One of the neat aspects of this is being able to see things much more clearly than normal.  It’s kind of like when you add more light to a room and you can notice more detail.  In this case, you can see yourself more clearly, such as how short we fall of God’s holiness and of doing His will.  It could seem overwhelming but for the love that comes with His presence.  You feel surrounded by love, knowing that He wants to forgive you (if you’ll repent) and He has not given up on you and He wants to empower you to be free from sin and to do His will.  It is so incredible!

I know my words don’t do it justice.  I hope you have experienced this.  If not, seek after God.  It can take some time to get to that “place”, because He will not compete with our distractions.  We must get our heart and mind focused on God alone, temporarily forgetting about other things like what is for supper or how much work we have to do.  It’s sometimes difficult to put aside all our other thoughts, which is why most of us don’t encounter God this intense on a regular basis.  But it is definitely worth the effort, because there is nothing better in this life than to spend quality time with God.




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