Bus Radio

8 08 2006

A company called Bus Radio is creating a private radio network that plays music, public service announcements, contests, and, of course, ads, on school buses.  This would be forcing children to listen to advertisements, in addition to music.  I don’t think this is a good idea.  Bus Radio says it will be appropriate for the ages of the children on the bus, and that it is “a superior alternative to the commercially available AM and FM radio programming currently played on school buses.  Existing programming is geared towards adults 18-34 and features adult lyrics, advertisements for alcoholic beverages and R-rated movies, and sexually explicit DJ banter.”  In that case, they are making an improvement.  But if that is the case, that raises the much bigger question : why are school kids being forced to listen to radio stations that may be exposing them to inappropriate material?

You can read an article on this at this blog by the Washington Post.

What are your thoughts on this?




One response

31 08 2006

If you don’t have time to read the comments at the Washington Post blog — I didn’t read them all — here’s a couple that were good :
Many things claim to be “age appropriate”. This is just a buzz word to keep the parents happy. I wonder if they would let a Christian company run an ad on bus radio? How about a pro-life or abstinence ad? Probably not!! It’s just another way to indoctrinate the kids, period. Many of the things advertised will go against the belief systems of some families and therefore the bus radios should not be allowed. Capitalism is good — it’s why most of the people in this country have jobs. But this is going way beyond that to the point of forcing unwanted goods and services on our kids and families. ~ Laurie Lange

Parents should make it a point to occasionally ride your kids bus, and witness what the “little angels” are learning/doing on their way to and from school. And if what you see upsets you, please take it to the school board. In my experience, the school takes little or no interest in helping the bus drivers to maintain a reasonable level of discipline. ~ PlanetPest

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