an idea for documentation

14 08 2006

Being a computer programmer, I sometimes have to write documentation for what my programs do and for what changes we’re making to it.  These documents tend to be purely functional, and as such, quite boring (even to the one who’s writing it).  But Turtle Dundee (from Buffet o’ Blog), who is a co-worker of mine, had an interesting suggestion : making a program’s documentation be like a novel.  You could entitle it something like, “The Adventures of Variable X”.  Make the story colorful and humorous.  Documentation made fun — for the writer and the reader.  Of course, I realize this is not at all practical in a business sense, but it is a great example of thinking outside-the-box.  I have never heard anyone suggest such a thing before, and it made my imagination kick into action. 

I believe that making work more fun helps people be more productive and can increase loyalty to the company.  Perhaps there’s a way to incorporate some form of that concept into documentation (and work in general)…




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30 06 2008

See like this Beppo is the only one who can post stuff…

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