Smokehouse Beef Brisket sandwich

16 08 2006

I don’t often eat at fast-food sandwich places, but today my wife and I wanted to take a quick lunch, so we went to Quizno’s.  We also had coupons, which helped with the decision.  I tried the Smokehouse Beef Brisket sub.  You might’ve seen the commercials, where BBQ restaurant owners are telling Quizno’s to “cease and desist” selling this sandwich because they are infringing upon their business.  It’s a neat idea for a commercial, I think.  (It’s certainly better than Subway’s dumb Masterpiece Theater commercials, of which the only decent part is the end where Jon Lovitz says, “Eat FRESH!”)  Anyway, I tried this sandwich today, and it was excellent.  It tasted like real barbecue.  I was somewhat skeptical until I ate some, because most of these places don’t have great meats of this kind.  But I could eat this many times.  And so I recommend it.

On their website, they have a coupon for $2 off this sandwich now, so it’s a good opportunity to try one.

FYI, I have no affiliation with Quizno’s whatsoever.  I just like good food.  (And in the interest of full-disclosure, I had them add a little mayo to mine, although I imagine it’s not necessary.)




One response

30 01 2008
Thomas Wayne

It’s gone! I can’t believe they took it away! I’m talkin’ about the smokehouse beef brisket. Why would they take away the best sandwich on their menu? It just doesn’t make sense…

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